Our Mission

Rebuilding Bistineau Strong is a Non-Profit venture for the clean up of Lake Bistineau formed May 25th, 2016. Our Mission is to help in the clean-up, preservation and beautification of Lake Bistineau and the community that surrounds it; including but not limited to helping in the efforts to control and/or eradicate Giant Salvinia and/or any invasive aquatic plant that plagues or may plague Lake Bistineau.

To help raise awareness of and educate the community concerning invasive aquatic plants and their effects on Lake Bistineau and the wildlife that depend on it for survival, specifically, but not limited to, Bald Eagles, Brown Pelicans, Alligators, Soft Shell Turtles, Deer and multiple species of fish; to help with general clean-up of the lake and the community; to encourage community involvement by holding public events designed to raise money to fund projects that will help us to be successful in bringing Lake Bistineau and the community that surrounds it back to a thriving environment.

RBS will hold events, seminars and fundraisers to help fund any and all projects and materials related to the control of Giant Salvinia, Invasive Aquatic Weeds, general clean-up and Wildlife Rescues etc.

RBS is supported by the lake community at the Lake Bistineau News Facebook Page

RBS was Formed in May of 2016 the board of directors consist of:
Weldon Thomas President
Shannon Wright Secretary/Treasurer
Anita Shows- Officer

RBS has a host of volunteers and "core" contributors.
Reba Cryer, Wandonia Miller, Arden Crow, Debbie Slater, Rodney Andes, Debi Wiggins, Johnny Adkins, Anita Shows and many more.

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